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Benign breast diseases or non-cancerous breast diseases are very common and they can start from the adolescent age and can go even till later years of life. It’s a wide spectrum of diseases which are non-cancerous. Some of these diseases can increase the risk of breast cancer in which case you should be following up with the doctors regularly and some of them do not predispose to any cancer. These diseases can be benign. A non-cancerous lump frequently seen in the adolescent age or young ladies and are called fibro adenoma or there can be a discharge from the nipple which can be bloody or muddy. These can be classified into either Benign Tumours called Duct Papilloma or Duct Ectacia, which is a dilatation of the milk duct with accumulated dirty tissues. These conditions require surgery. Duct Papilloma, which can give rise to alarming bloody discharge from the nipple is not cancerous.
There is a huge spectrum of hormone related and other breast diseases whose exact cause is unknown and are called Fibrocystic Breast diseases of the breast. Pain is one important symptom in most of the cses. Pain many a times is cyclical and increases just before the periods or decreases after that. On ultrasound we find there were small cyst and some other findings which are not cancerous. This fibrocystic disease forms a huge spectrum and it is estimated that almost 20-30% of the ladies will be having these issues. It is harmless, but a very small percentage of them need to be carefully followed up in the long term to be sure that later on a breast cancer does not develop over there. The treatment of these Fibrocystic disease is little difficult because it is directly related to the stress which we have. The stress can be of the breast disease itself. There are various medicines like pain killers and hormonal manipulations by which these fibrocystic disease can be addressed.
Then there can be breast abscess. Sometimes there is milk cyst which can form. All this form a spectrum of benign breast diseases. And, there are effective cures for most of these conditions.


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