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Lactation issues form a very important part of the breast problems and they need to be addressed. Some ladies have retracted nipples. These ladies are specially predisposed to lactation issues where the proper lactation doesn’t happen and milk can get accumulated. Sometimes, there is some infection or the inflammation of the milk glands and the nipple area which can form a breast abscess or the milk accumulation cysts called galactocele can also develop. A proper counselling is required on how to properly breast feed, what precautions need to be taken, how to clean the breasts and not to stop it abruptly. Some ladies have much more breast milk production and they don’t feed frequently. In such cases also, the breast milk gets accumulated. In Some patients, we need to suppress breast feeding and in such a case, medicines to stop breast feeding needs to be given. Some patients have milk discharge from both the breasts or from one breast because of hormonal issues. These problems form an  important part and need to be addressed by medicines and by other counselling techniques. Rarely, surgeries may be required.


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