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Upper Limb Lymphedema

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Lymphedema is accumulation of a special type of fluid called lymph in the limbs and it causes the swelling of the upper limb in cancer patients who have been operated for breast cancer or sometimes after radiotherapy. Lymph is a type of fluid which accumulates the body waste fluids and is transported through a special system of lymphatics. It drains into lymph nodes (the axillary glands) where it is filtered and goes and joins in the veins. In breast cancer surgeries or radiations, these lymph nodes are either removed or damaged. In such cases, the lymph which is produced is unable to go further beyond and gets accumulated in the ands, forearms and arms.
There are effective treatments for them in terms of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and 4 layer bandaging. MLD is special type of massage therapy and 4 layer bandaging a special type of bandaging to decrease the swelling. Our center discourages the use of lymphatic pumps without proper guidance, because they can harm and damage the lymphatic channels as well.

Surgeries for Lymphedema

In last few years, some effective surgeries have also come into the domain of the plastic surgeons where the lymphedema can be cured. One of the surgery involves bypassing the lymph nodes by lympho-vascular shunt (LV Shunt).


Another type of surgery  can involve getting some lymph nodes from other parts of the body and transplanting at the affected portion and  is called Vascularised Lymph Nodes Transfer. There are some other treatments  also  which can be provided to you. Mumbai Breast Centre is just one of the few centres in the country where comprehensive lymphedema treatment is given both non-surgically as well as surgically. The choice of patient for surgery will depend on the type of lymphedema and whether the surgery is feasible or not.

So, yes, we have treatment for lymphedema at our centre and it is very useful for the patients. We also have therapist who can go at home and give the Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment. These are some of the value added points which our centre offers.
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